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Slander and Defamation

Defamation occurs when someone makes a statement about you that is false and that statement causes you to suffer harm. When the statement is oral, it is called slander. When it’s made in a newspaper, magazine, or other print medium, it is termed libel. Defamation can cause you harm in many ways. If your business or your professional skills are called into question, you could find your livelihood destroyed. Conversely, if you’re charged with defaming someone else, you may find yourself facing serious legal charges. In either case, you need the advice of a qualified defamation attorney.

Should You Sue for Defamation?

If you feel you’ve been defamed by someone, your first reaction may be a lawsuit. Here are several points to consider:

The publicity that results from a lawsuit may give the defamatory statements a wider audience by calling attention to them.

It may be difficult to prove defamation, leaving the public to erronously conclude that statements against you are true.

Litigation may be costly and awards made by the court may not be sufficient to offset your expenses.

Your attorney can advise you on the options available to you based on your unique circumstances. For reliable guidance, contact the New York defamation attorneys at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman.

The New York slander and defamation lawyers at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman know how upsetting it can be if you’ve been defamed. Your reputation is at stake. Your business may suffer. The loved ones who rely on you can be adversely affected. Your entire life can change because of false words – that have been aimed at you or that you’ve spoken or written about another.

At The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman, our New York defamation attorneys are determined defenders of the rights of those who suffer harm because of defamatory statements. We believe that you deserve a strong advocate who will take a hard-hitting stance against your defamer. When you meet with our slander and defamation lawyers they will explain the elements that constitute defamation. They are:

● A defaming and false statement is made about someone
● The statement is communicated to a third party, either orally      or in writing
● There is damage done to the person, typically to their reputation

An individual who alleges defamation usually must prove that it took place and that damage was done. However, you may hear the term defamation “per se.” This describes statements that are deemed so heinous that the presumption of damage is automatic. Such statements may allege that an individual has a sexually transmitted disease, has committed a serious crime, or has committed sexual misconduct. The defamation attorneys at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman are prepared to vigorously represent you if you have been defamed. However, we encourage you to consider your options carefully as litigating a defamation claim may subject you to greater visibility and attention, adding to the damage you’ve suffered.

The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman represent clients throughout the New York City and Long Island area, including Queens, the Bronx, and Nassau and Suffolk counties.

New York slander and defamation attorneys at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman also defend those accused of defaming others. We encourage you to contact our offices and schedule a consultation if you believe you may be accused of defamation. Our attorneys can explain your rights and assess your liability. Our negotiation skills often enable us to reach agreements without proceeding to litigation. Request a meeting to explore your situation. Whether you’ve been defamed or are accused of defaming another, our experienced New York slander and defamation lawyers can deliver the aggressive representation you deserve.Contact our offices online or by phone at (516) 487-7375.