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Business Law

About Business LawBusiness law covers a broad range of concerns that relate to an enterprise’s ability to operate effectively and achieve its desired business results. Some of the topics that fall under the business law umbrella include:

● Contracts

● Licensing agreements

● Commercial leasing

● Purchase agreements

● Employment agreements

● Insurance considerations

● Partnerships

● Business planning

● Business financing

● Corporate structuring

● Breach of contract

● Compliance issues

● Intellectual property

● Business transactions

● Copyrights and trademarks

● Business litigation

The business law attorneys at the Law Offices of Ira S. Newman are experienced in these and other matters pertaining to business operations. Contact our firm with any concerns about establishing and operating your company.

Achieving success in business requires the correct alignment of many factors, ranging from capable leadership and skilled workforces to efficient operating processes, financial measures, and much more. Underlying all of the elements that figure into commercial operations are the contracts, leases, employment agreements and myriad of other legal documents and matters that make business relationships work and productive results possible.

The New York business law attorneys at the Law Offices of Ira S. Newman know that even the best business interactions can crumble when they are not based on accurate understandings about rights and responsibilities of the parties involved. Our experienced business lawyers have a proven record of helping entrepreneurs, business owners, corporate leaders and other interested parties ensure that properly prepared contracts, licensing agreements, commercial leases, and other arrangements are in place and ready to support positive outcomes.

Business leaders in New York and other major markets have relied on the business attorneys at the Law Offices of Ira S. Newman for years of exemplary service. We are proud of our reputation for providing our clients with sound business acumen, financial and tax know-how, and solid working relationships with governmental agencies and other organizations central to compliance issues. Because we understand the factors that figure into a company’s ability to function effectively and achieve sustained competitive advantage, our firm has been the choice of many successful commercial operations, nonprofit and charitable organizations, start-ups, franchises, and other business entities.

The New York business lawyers at our firm have the legal and business knowledge to take your enterprise from the initial idea stage through structuring, staffing, start-up, and sustained operations. We provide informed counsel on the full scope of issues involved in every phase of a company’s lifecycle. Our attorneys are capable professionals who can aid you with business planning activities, goal-setting, credit and financing matters, compliance, employment considerations and more. Our firm has the cultural insight to assist you with establishing international operations, and we are equally capable of providing the support needed by international companies seeking inroads into U.S. markets.

At the Law Offices of Ira S. Newman, our New York business law attorneys have devoted their practice to helping entrepreneurs and business leaders establish and operate successful commercial endeavors that span industries, geographies, and organizational structures. Your business is your livelihood – a provider of jobs, products, and services that nourish the economy of our nation and global markets. When you need legal help that aims to help you build and nurture that business, call on the business law attorneys at the Law Offices of Ira S. Newman. Here, you’ll find the skilled lawyers you need to handle complex business arrangements, negotiations, contracts, compliance, litigation and the myriad other concerns that pose both threat and opportunity to your company on a daily basis. contact our firm online or call the Law Offices of Ira S. Newman at (516) 487-7375. Legal knowledge you can rely on; legal skills you can trust.