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Money Laundering

About Money Laundering“Money laundering facilitates a broad range of serious underlying criminal offenses and ultimately threatens the integrity of the financial system,” the U.S. Department of the Treasury declares.

The Treasury Department works with other government agencies, law enforcement organizations, and private sector firms to identify and investigate instances of money laundering that take place in the U.S. and internationally.

In 2010, the office reported more than 432,000 trademark registrations, renewals, and publications.

Source: U.S. Department of the

The American Institute of CPAs defines money laundering as “steps taken to conceal the origin, nature, ownership or destination of money.” Although it’s often associated with funds that have been obtained illegally, the term can refer also to activity undertaken to mask or disguise money that was earned or received legally. Individuals may engage in money laundering in order to avoid paying taxes, to hide illegal political campaign contributions, or to conceal other illegal or questionable activities. Historically, money laundering was associated with such activities as organized crime and drug dealing. More recently, the threat of terrorism has fueled new interest in money laundering because of its use to finance terrorist groups.

At The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman, our New York federal trial attorneys recognize that measures included in the Patriot Act of 2001 have led to closer scrutiny by the government of business and financial transactions. We know that means that even the suggestion of impropriety can spell serious consequences for businesses, banks, financial professionals and many others.

The New York money laundering defense lawyers at our firm understand that even when situations are unrelated to terrorism, you could face charges for laundering money. If you are convicted, the penalties related to such charges can involve high fines and loss of freedom.

Your choice of an attorney to assist you or your organization through an investigation for money laundering is vital. When you need lawyers who understand the complexities of multi-million dollar financial transactions and large-scale business deals, the experienced New York money laundering attorneys at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman can provide the strong advocacy you need. Often, federal indictments include multiple charges as prosecutors try to enhance their chances of at least one conviction. We have the investigative skills and resources to thoroughly examine your situation and to negotiate effectively for the reduction or dismissal of charges. If your case proceeds to trial, we have proven ourselves to be skilled litigators who construct compelling defenses designed to win acquital for our clients.

Our firm has a distinguished reputation for its exemplary representation of banks and financial institutions. Such enterprises may find they are unwittingly involved in the trail of money laundering activity. The help of an attorney skilled in issues related to money laundering can prove invaluable. Further, representation by a firm with demonstrated experience in federal litigation provides you with additional peace of mind.

If you are under investigation for money laundering or related white collar crimes, or if law enforcement organizations are looking into business transactions in which you’ve been involved, the New York money laundering attorneys at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman can provide you with the informed guidance and tenacious representation you need. Money laundering charges are serious. Convictions carry severe penalties. Call The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman and ask for a confidential consultation with our accomplished attorneys. We are committed to protecting your rights and providing the high quality legal services you deserve. Call our firm at (516) 487-7375 or contact our firm online.