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Licensing Agreements

Protecting Intellectual PropertyThe U.S. Patent and Trademark Office is the government agency that helps inventors retain the rights to their discoveries.

In 2010, the Patent and Trademark Office received more than a half million applications for patents. More than 244,000 patents were issued that year.

In 2010, the office reported more than 432,000 trademark registrations, renewals, and publications.

Source: U.S. Patent and
Trademark Office

A carefully constructed and well-managed licensing agreement is a crucial element in effectively managing and controlling your intellectual property. It can provide the foundation needed to build your business and your personal wealth. The U.S. Patent and Trademark Office calls intellectual property “imagination made real.” Whether it is a piece of music, a work of art, an idea, an invention, or some other intangible creation, intellectual property is valuable. As the owner of intellectual property, you are naturally concerned with preserving and protecting it. A licensing agreement provides you with a tool to do just that. If you are a potential licensee seeking a viable product to bring to market, a properly constructed licensing agreement is just as vital to your business interests.

At The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman, our New York licensing agreement attorneys believe that you should have the legal backing you need in order to profit from your invention or from a contract to produce and market an invention. A licensing agreement is the instrument by which you can contract with another party to manufacture an invention and sell it. In return, the inventor receives payment in the form of royalties.

As experienced intellectual property lawyers, the licensing agreement attorneys in our firm know how important it is to carefully construct the agreement that will govern how an inventor’s creation is used. The language used in the document can be crucial when it comes to properly protecting your rights. When you choose the New York licensing agreement attorneys at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman, you can rest assured that you’ve chosen legal professionals with extensive knowledge of intellectual property, trademarks, patents, and licensing agreements. We are dedicated to delivering the high quality legal representation needed to ensure that you have the protection you need in order to achieve optimal success with your invention.

If you are seeking the rights to manufacture, sell, and/or distribute an invention, our New York intellectual property and licensing agreement lawyers can help you, too. We have the business acumen you can rely on for sound advice and guidance. Our attorneys understand the challenges business owners and entrepreneurs face in bringing new products to market, and we are committed to helping you protect and maximize the return on your investments. The experience our New York licensing agreement lawyers bring to each client we serve enables us to assure you of representation by professionals who know the intricacies of patents, copyrights, trademarks, and licensing agreements.

The New York licensing agreement attorneys at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman take the utmost care to help you protect and profit from your invention or from an invention you’ve licensed. Call our firm at (516) 487-7375 to request an initial consultation. We’ll provide you with excellence in service and in legal representation to ensure that your rights are protected.