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Estate Litigation

Why Does Estate Litigation Happen?There can be many reasons that underlie disputes arising from estate-related matters. Often, litigation occurs because a substantial sum of money or other valuable assets are at stake.

A no-contest clause is an all-or-nothing measure. A beneficiary who is unhappy with what he or she stands to inherit will receive nothing if he/she tries to contest the will.

Some reasons for estate litigation include:

● Multiple wills have been presented
● A will has been contested because of suspected influence or fraud
● Questions have arisen about the mental competency of a testator
● There are valid claims against an estate

In the aftermath of a death, disputes that arise over wills or other estate-related matters can be confusing and upsetting. If they cannot be satisfactorily resolved through negotiation or other means, questions about wills, trusts and estate issues may lead to litigation.

New York estate litigation attorneys at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman have proven themselves capable and compassionate advocates for family members who are involved in disputes over estate matters. Naturally, our firm’s experienced estate lawyers will make every effort to reach satisfactory agreements among all parties without having to resort to litigation. However, if estate issues do progress to the courtroom, you may rest assured that our attorneys are skilled litigators who will fight tirelessly to see that your interests are represented and your rights protected. We will also make every effort to see that the validly expressed wishes of the deceased are carried out.

In the area of estate litigation, the New York estate attorneys at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman are respected professionals who are thoroughly experienced in representing:

● Beneficiaries
● Family members
● Heirs
● Trustees
● Executors

● Administrators

Our attorneys are knowledgeable advocates who capably handle matters involving wills, trusts, powers of attorney, fiduciary responsibility and other issues pertaining to estates.

At The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman, our veteran New York estate litigation lawyers know how to achieve results for you. We are committed to providing you with the personal attention you expect from accomplished professionals. Our attorneys will listen to you and explain your rights and options. We work to advance your best interests and to ensure that you have the trusted representation you need to reach a satisfactory outcome for your case. The New York estate litigation lawyers in our firm have a distinguished reputation for their knowledge of the law and for their unparalleled trial skills. When you need excellence in legal representation for estate matters, you’ll find it in the estate attorneys at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman. Contact our offices online or call us at (516) 487-7375 to schedule an initial consultation.