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New York collection attorneys at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman understand that effective debt collection requires a combination of tenacity and diplomacy.You may be assured that our firm’s uncompromising commitment to professionalism and excellence enables us to represent your business proficiently and to expediently address recovery of the outstanding revenues you’re owed.

The exchange of money for goods and services is the most fundamental transaction in the business world. You rely on a steady income stream to maintain your financial well-being. If you lead a business, you must avoid exposure to financial losses in order to ensure ongoing operations of your business and to fuel its growth. When customers or debtors fail to honor their commitments to pay for purchases, loans, leases or other obligations, your business coud be at risk for financial loss. The services of a qualified collections lawyer can help you mitigate that exposure.

At The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman, our experienced New York collections attorneys understand that your business relies on customers and others to pay their debts in full and on time. When they fail to meet the promises they’ve made, your business can suffer. Our New York collections lawyers understand that. We are proud of our respected record of successful debt collection for businesses of all sizes. When aggressive representation is called for to protect your interests, our collection attorneys know how to proceed.

Our many years of dedicated service in all facets of business law have taught our New York collections attorneys that proactive planning can be instrumental in helping businesses mitigate their financial risks. If you consult our firm when a sale, loan, or other transaction is anticipated, our business attorneys can take decisive action to construct contracts that are designed to place you in the best possible position in the event that a debtor subsequently defaults.

New York collections attorneys at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman also believe that a proactive response when it appears that a debtor might default on an obligation can help to preserve your right to payment. We are accomplished negotiators who are able to develop strategies to resolve disputes about debts fairly and constructively. Our firm is recognized for its ability to leverage the power of alternative dispute resolution methods to the benefit of our clients, but we are also strong performers in the courtroom in the event your interests are best served by litigation.

When accounts receivable or bad debts are outstanding, our New York collection attorneys have the knowledge and capabilities needed to pursue collection. Our collection lawyers are assertive representatives of your interests, but always exemplify our firm’s dedication to the utmost in professionalism. We pursue outstanding debts within the guidelines established for collections under both state and federal laws. It is our objective to recover the monies owed you expediently and diplomatically.

New York collections lawyers at The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman utilize the latest technologies to aid in the efficiency of our recovery services. We understand that your business relies on collection of accounts receivable, and we strive to support your financial well-being and productivity by recovering revenues due you as expediently as possible. Our firm’s methods are designed to offer you maximum convenience and to deliver positive results.

At The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman, our experienced New York collections attorneys invite you to contact us for complete information about our debt collection services. When you choose our firm to handle your outstanding transactions, you may be assured that your business will be represented aggressively and effectively. At the same time, we understand that debt collections call for professionalism and a measured approach in order to protect your business’s reputation. At our firm, you’ll find the New York collection attorneys that business leaders trust. Contact The Law Offices of Newman & Drukman today to learn how we can help you recover outstanding debts.